Aaron Rose and Beatie Wolfe’s collaborative exhibition Solar Signs presents a meditation on the power of the sun. Created in honor of the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, the installation is conceived as an exploration of the sun’s healing and destructive qualities. Originating with the concept of “shadow graffiti” the artists chose to look at the ways that shadow and light often project intricate designs on the urban landscape. High contrast motifs that mostly go unnoticed. This exhibition invites us to re-imagine the ways we view our environment, looking for Solar Signs everywhere as we go about our busy lives. 

the Solar Signs, 325 ft art projection 

the Solar Signs, gallery exhibition and hub

the Solar Signs, 16 block billboard takeover

on April 8th, 2024

Birdy Magazine (April 2024) 

Beatie and Aaron are launching the project in Denver as a three-part takeover including an exhibition at experimental gallery...

Westword Magazine (April 2024)

Top things to do Denver... A sun-powered spectacle and happening brought to town by the internationally known team of Beatie Wolfe and Aaron Rose. 

supported by the Denver Theatre District

Photos by Christopher Chang