an art project by BEATIE WOLFE & AARON ROSE

Multidisciplinary artists Beatie Wolfe and Aaron Rose present Solar Signs, an intermedia display of shadow poetry and sun prints 

Solar-powered and made from only three ingredients: recycled letters, the sun, and time, the piece captures shadow words revealed as the sun hits the hidden letters, celebrating nature's art and power to create on its own timescale, in ways that human beings often can't see or control

This minimalist art piece also serves as a poignant contemplation on sun and shade for those living in urban heat islands exacerbated by the climate crisis

Denver overview...

Beatie Wolfe and Aaron Rose's Solar Signs at Denver'24 exhibition centers around their take over of the iconic 325 foot Daniels & Fisher tower. In addition to their large scale projection, the art piece will be echo across every big screens and digital advertising hoardings throughout the 16-blocks of Denver's Theatre District. As a hub for their take over they have commandeered the Understudy gallery where visitors can experience the wider art piece

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